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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Horrid George

George didn't believe in faeries, George told me so, George.......he's horrid.
George could often be found lurking around the cabbage patch looking, hunting
and hoping to find......faeries, wishing that in the good fortune of actually finding a
faerie who, so he was told, resided there amongst the large green vegetables
(which he never ate) he would utter the words "are you a faerie, if so I do not
believe in faeries!"
George knew only too well that by uttering this phrase the faerie would drop down
dead in an instant on the spot. George.........he's really horrid.
One gloomy afternoon, George was stalking through the cabbages , hoping to find
a faerie that he could utter his deadly phrase to. Several hours passed and there were
no faeries to be seen, so a very grumpy George decided to go back to the house
to eat some jam sandwiches, when startled, he suddenly cried out.........
"what's that, could it be, why yes....a faerie!" There on a large cabbage leaf,
not ten feet away was indeed ....a faerie staring back at him with her large green eyes.
Being totally horrid, George chuckled to himself at the poor faerie's impending fate,
and without taking his eyes off her (otherwise she would be gone in an instant)
he approached her wringing his hands with morbid delight. "are you a......." he
started but was instantly cut off "why good afternoon young sir, I am
delighted to make your acquaintance, my name is Nightshade and with whom
do I have the pleasure?" the faerie asked. "Oh....I'm George, are you a........" but
the faerie instantly jumped in again "I am a faerie but I can tell that you are not...
you are very impressive.....what are you, please tell me?" the faerie enquired.
"Why......I am a boy!" George answered. "Oh" said the faerie, and suddenly her
green eyes turned to a burning firey red and she hissed "a boy is it?.....why....
I do not believe in boys!"
The cabbage patch was quiet and all was still. Nightshade still sat on the cabbage
leaf as she brushed her long black hair softly humming to herself. Next to her,
the dark clouds were being reflected in George's wide open, lifeless eyes as they
moved sombrely across the grey skies above them. "I forgot to mention Master George"
whispered the faerie "my name is Nightshade and I am horrid, in fact I am indeed
a lot more horrid than you!"

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