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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Emily Evangeline

"You will be the death of me Emily Evangeline!" shrieked Nurse across the
toy filled playroom "you've been lopping the heads off of your dolls again
with the gardener's sharp, shiny axe". Emily Evangeline said nothing,
she just shuffled her feet as she gave the ground a very hard stare.
It wasn't long before she was in trouble once more, "you will be the death
of me Emily Evangeline" yelled Nurse "why must you leave all of the windows
open in the nursery on this cold, blustery day?" Yet again Emily Evangeline
uttered not one word.
The rest of the morning saw Emily Evangeline being a very good girl
as she played with her large, red ball, that was at least until.........Crash!
"You will be the death of me Emily Evangeline" Nurse howled "that's
the third plant pot this month that you have smashed to millions of pieces
with your large, red ball".
Nurse returned with a stiff brush and with a loud huff and a loud puff she
got down on her knees and busily started to sweep up the remains of the
decorative vase that once stood proudly on the mantle.
As Nurse knelt there muttering under her breath, Emily Evangeline
stared at the pale flesh of Nurse's neck that was exposed between her
starched white collar and the dark brown bun in her hair.
"Honestly young lady, you will be the death of me!" grumbled Nurse as she
hastily tidied the broken shards of pottery "indeed.....I think that I
probably will" whispered Emily Evangeline as her petite hand tightened
around the rough wooden handle of the gardener's sharp, shiny axe
that she was hiding behind her back.
On noticing the empty nursery Mother enquired "oh where is Nurse
Emily Evangeline, it's so unlike her to miss tea and muffins?"
"I'm afraid that I may have been a horrid girl again mother" replied
Emily Evangeline "I think that poor unfortunate Nursey may
well have lost her head!"